Prevention is even better than detection.

When it comes down to it, we all want a better way to protect ourselves from disease. Fortunately, we live in an age where technology and naturopathy can come together to help prevent as well as treat potentially fatal diseases such as breast cancer.

Enter thermography, a decades-old tool more and more naturopathic physicians across Canada are using to give women a better picture of their breast health. Our naturopathic clinic offers Vernon thermography screening exams to women of all ages who want to help prevent breast cancer.

How does thermography work?

Thermography measures the infrared heat being emitted by your skin. When you have tissue that is anomalous (unusual) or pre-anomalous (on the verge of becoming unusual, the blood vessels and chemical activity in that area will be higher than in normal breast tissue.

In order to grow at such a fast rate, an anomalous or pre-anomalous mass needs loads of nutrients; their cells are constantly recruiting dormant vessels and keeping existing blood vessels open. All that activity generates a temperature increase in that area of the breast that can be picked up by our thermal imaging equipment.

If your Vernon thermography scan shows an abnormal area of heat, the technician sees something could be wrong with the physiology of your breast. Think of thermography as a tool not to detect breast cancer, but to help prevent it in the first place.

What kinds of conditions can thermography help prevent?

  • Infection, inflammation or trauma to the breast.
  • Irregular blood flow to the breast tissue that can indicates angiogenesis (new blood vessels are being created for cancerous cells, which grow quickly).

Why have a thermography session?

Recent studies have shown:

  • Mammogram screening isn’t reducing breast cancer mortality in Canada. That means that even though many women are getting screened, their outcomes haven’t changed because breast cancer isn’t being detected earlier or prevented.
  • Women have been ‘over-diagnosed’ with false positives that have led to unnecessary breast cancer treatment and trauma.
  • More and more women are concerned about the accuracy, discomfort and radiation exposure of mammograms.
  • When thermography is added to a woman’s breast health care, she’s 61 per cent more likely to survive.
  • When thermography is used along with mammography and clinical exams, 95 per cent of anomalies in the early stage will be detected.

Vernon thermography screening exams aren’t yet covered by MSP; however, they are available for approximately $250 and you will receive a receipt to claim this health expense.

When you want a comfortable, safe, non-invasive way to get an accurate picture of your breast health so you can help prevent breast cancer, visit us for your thermography scan.

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