Anxiety / Depression

We can help. Naturally.

There are so many different kinds of depression, so many different anxieties, so many different causes.

At our Vernon naturopathic care clinic, we take the time to understand the whole picture—why your body has gone down this path as well as how we can help you feel better, hopefully without medication.

What are some symptoms of anxiety and depression?

Your symptoms can range from feeling afraid to give a presentation to thinking family might be better off if you were gone. Both are serious, both are treatable. But we have to get to the root cause first.

What are some causes of anxiety and depression?

Our society puts so much pressure on us to do more and better and faster without thinking about the toll it can take on our bodies. At the same time, we know more than ever about how our brains and bodies can become imbalanced, often by environmental or genetic factors out of your control.

Causes of anxiety and depression can include the things you’re going through in life, such as marital separation or job loss, to physiological stresses, such as vitamin deficiencies and low serotonin levels.

How can Vernon naturopathic care treat your anxiety or depression naturally?

After the discovery period, where we may use neurotransmitter testing, we’re going to nourish your body and give it the nutrition and support it needs to regain balance.

Sometimes that means replenishing your stress glands or giving your brain more vitamin B or magnesium. Finding the right nutrients, herbal medicines and emotional support system can be a tremendous tool in helping to improve sleep, make your days easier and helping you in your journey to feeling balanced again.

Our Vernon naturopathic care clinic helps women, men and children with depression and anxiety. Call Vero Health at 778-475-4265 to start taking care of your anxiety or depression.

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