Stress / Fatigue

Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Your heart pounds, your breath quickens, you sweat, you ache, you are on the verge of tears. This is stress. It’s how our body reacts to pressure, and if stress persists over time, that physical preparation can turn into physical deterioration.

Here at our Okanagan natural medicine clinic, we see more and more patients who are under stress. It starts when your body just can’t handle it anymore—the physical, emotional or mental pressure it’s under. So, your body makes cortisol hormone.

At first, it feels like a high. Over the span of weeks, months, maybe even years, you realize you’re more tired than ever and yet you can’t sleep. And nothing—no amount of coffee—is making you feel better anymore.

What causes that ‘burned out’ feeling?

Feeling ‘burned out’ or fatigued can be the result of chronic stress, but it can also be related to hormonal issues, food intolerances, chemical insensitivity and other potentially harmful conditions.

To get you feeling like your old self again, our Okanagan natural medicine clinic starts your path to whole body health with lab tests of your anemia, thyroid and adrenal function. These test results often help explain what’s really causing your stress and how we can treat it with natural medicine.

If you’re suffering from the symptoms of stress and/or fatigue, get answers about your health and treatment that delivers lasting results at our Okanagan natural medicine clinic. Call 778-475-4265 to make your appointment.

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