C. Ruth

I have been seeing Dr Entner for many years for many reasons. She is so very compassionate and sincerely caring. I have been very comfortable and comforted whatever the reason for my visit. I am very grateful to Dr Entner. Thank you for the wonderful person you are!

Madeline Taylor

I have been a patient of Dr Entner since August 2012. She is an extremely caring and gracious Naturopath. We have worked together through many trials. She will say “let’s try this” and I will reply “okay”. I trust her with her decisions, knowledge and research. Her staff is also exceptional . Since the first […]

Sherry V

I suffered with nausea on and off for about a year. My family doctor was unable to determine what the cause was, even after I had gone for several blood tests, stool samples, ultrasounds and even gallbladder removal surgery. I was sent to a gastrointestinal specialist who told me I had acid reflux and gave […]

Mary-Jo Payeur

I will be forever indebted to my friend who recommended I see Dr Entner when I was dealing with stomach pains. The moment I sat down with Dr Entner I instantly knew that I had found “my” Naturopath. Under Dr Entner’s guidance I now know what foods will trigger my stomach pains. Having said that […]

Debbie Roy

Dr Entner has been a gem. She LISTENS to you, truly cares and still manages to remain highly professional at the same time. She respects your choices as a patient and is with you in the long haul as you go after your healing. She is a skilled, warm and thoughtful caregiver. Without her support […]