The Butterfly Gland

Everyday in practice I see a patient where I have to consider if there is an underlying problem with the thyroid, a gland shaped like a butterfly that rests in the middle of the throat. Often these patients have had a conventional blood test done with their doctor and been told that they are fine. […]

Skin Deep-Acne and Diet

Acne is a common condition for both the young and old. Many people have had memorable episodes with bad skin in their teen years but many continue to suffer well into adulthood. Our skin is a good reflection of what is going on within our bodies. Adult acne can be caused by multiple factors including: […]

Women’s Health

Time, tools, answers and trust. We’ll never tell you it’s in your head. We’ll never say that’s part of life. We’ll never ask you to get over it. At Vero Health, our naturopathic physicians take the time to diagnose and treat your unique concerns so you can understand what’s behind your imbalance and feel your […]

Nutritional IV Therapy

Call it cocktail hour. You and your body can only do so much. Sometimes you need a boost. The Nutritional IV therapy offered by our Vernon naturopathic physicians gives your body the vitamins, minerals or antioxidants it needs to improve your metabolism, energy levels, and/or treat diseases. What is Nutritional IV therapy? By administering vitamins […]

Laboratory Services

The tests as well as the tools you need to regain your health. Vero Health Naturopathic Care offers all the lab services available at any medical office, including: Basic metabolic screenings (anemia, liver, kidney, red and white blood cells) Cholesterol and blood lipids Thyroid tests PSA (prostrate) Stool tests (ova and parasites) Urinalysis (infections) To […]

Hormone Testing

Feeling a little low? Let us test and treat your hormonal imbalance. Just because you’re reaching middle age doesn’t mean you have to feel like less of yourself. Hormonal imbalance touches both men and women and can happen at any age. This imblance often leads to symptoms that make it harder to enjoy life, from […]

Chelation therapy

A magnet for the toxic metals that are making you sick. They say to think of chelation therapy like a crab, pinching metals and removing these aggravating slivers from your system. In fact, chelation comes from the Greek word chele meaning ‘claw of crab.’ We sometimes describe our Vernon chelation therapy as a magnet, with […]

Children’s Health

So your child can shine. Children have their own illnesses and they need their own treatments too. Our naturopathic physicians take the time to get to the root of what’s making your child sick so we can provide the safe, gentle and lasting natural medicine he or she needs to feel better. At Vero Health […]

Bio-identical Hormones

Better sleep, sex, moods, mental clarity and weight control. That’s the power of hormone replacement therapy. It happens slowly at first. Your partner notices you’ve been moodier. At night, you lie awake even though you’re just so tired. And then it gets worse: You can’t focus at work. You put on the pounds and find […]