Women’s Health

Time, tools, answers and trust.

We’ll never tell you it’s in your head. We’ll never say that’s part of life. We’ll never ask you to get over it.

At Vero Health, our naturopathic physicians take the time to diagnose and treat your unique concerns so you can understand what’s behind your imbalance and feel your best at any age.

We pride ourselves on offering an in-depth range of Vernon women’s health services and naturopathic treatments so you can embrace whichever phase of womanhood you’re in.

During the teen years

Research suggests that only 19 per cent of teenage girls feel that they have an adult they trust and feel comfortable with talking about sexual health issues. We’re committed to helping girls build healthy relationships, understand their bodies, and feel supported with their health care.

Twenties and thirties

Whether you have unbearable PMS or you’re having trouble conceiving a baby, our naturopathic physicians are here to listen and give you the tools you need to balance your body and meet your goals.

Mid-thirties on

Maybe your cycle is starting to feel a little off. Thoughts are becoming foggy. Your sex drive is barely there. Maybe there’s a bit of weight gain. And you just don’t feel good, you don’t feel yourself.

The good news is, we can do something about it, and you don’t just have to stick it out.

Many of these physical and emotional challenges happen while you’re busier than ever with work and family, and they can become compounded by other hormonal imbalances set off by your thyroid and adrenal glands.

Menopause years

Hot flashes, mood swings, weigh gain, insomnia…you’ve had it all. But you don’t have to put up with it. The naturopathic treatments offered by our Vernon women’s health specialists offer safe, effective natural options to the ‘menopause cocktail’ offered by most physicians: antidepressants, sleeping pills, pain killers and more. If your body is out of balance, we’re here to help you understand why and give you a range of safe and effective natural medicines to improve your health and your outlook.

What kinds of naturopathic treatments do we use to treat women’s health concerns?

The naturopathic physicians at Vero Health are here to develop your unique optimal health plan so you can make the most of these years.

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