Food Allergies

Do you have unexplained ailments?

You might have an allergy.

Not everyone who has an allergy breaks out in hives or stops breathing after eating a strawberry. Many people are allergic to foods they eat every day, foods they crave.

Our naturopathic doctors see hundreds of patients who have delayed hypersensitivity food allergies, where symptoms show up days later, or the symptoms are mild and constant enough that it becomes your new ‘normal.’

But you don’t have to feel sluggish, sore or tired. You can sleep well, feel energized and clear-headed as well as improve your overall immunity when you eat the foods that work for you.

The first step is figuring out which foods your body doesn’t like.

How do allergies impact my health?

When your body is allergic to a food, your immune system reacts to it the same way it reacts to bacteria and viruses; your body produces antibodies.

Many delayed food reactions are caused by antibodies which produce tissue inflammation that can lead to joint pain, eczema, headaches, gas, stomach pain and more.

How does Vero Health test for food allergies?

As part of our Vernon allergy testing services, we take extra steps to ensure you’ve been tested for both immediate and delayed hypersensitivity allergies.

That’s why we use ELISA (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay) to check your blood for antibodies. We can run both IgE (immediate hypersensitivities) and IgG (delayed hyper sensitivities) tests to find out which foods are causing reactions in your body.

If there’s a food that doesn’t work for your body, your blood will contain higher levels of antibodies. Once you know which foods are causing your symptoms, you can move on to eating the foods that’ll make you feel great.

At Vero Health, our Vernon allergy testing services are offered in office to both children and adults who may have food allergies or allergies to airborne irritants such as dander, molds, pollens and grasses. We can help you overcome these allergies and enjoy everyday life again with oral desensitization treatments.

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