Chronic Illness

We have the time and tools to diagnose and treat your unique condition.

By the time many chronic pain and chronic illness patients come to us, they’ve tried everything conventional medicine has to offer-prescription after prescription, and maybe even surgery.

The problem is, your health needs to improve so it can overcome a disease, and drugs don’t always help with that. Drugs will treat pain and chronic diseases but we want to consider natural medicines as well to help alleviate symptoms and improve general health.

And a health issue that could have been short-term can become chronic without the right therapy.

Why your acute or chronic illness deserves naturopathic medicine

Our Vernon chronic illness treatments include naturopathic medicine and therapies that have been used for centuries to get to the root of your body’s unique imbalance.

Your irritable bowel syndrome, for example, is different from your neighbour’s or sister’s, and you should have access to options and treatments tailored to you.

Fortunately, we can take the time to consider your options in supporting your chronic condition and what treatments are going to improve your health for the long haul.

Our Vernon chronic illness treatments use natural medicine to help you enjoy life and feel like your old self again. Call Vero Health at 778-475-4265 to make your appointment.

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