You can do something about diabetes.

Amputation. Dialysis. Mood disorders. These are just some of the short and long-term effects of having diabetes and imbalanced blood sugar levels.

To help keep diabetes and all of its complications at bay, our Vernon diabetes treatments give you the tools to balance your blood sugar and your body’s resistance to insulin. We have to get to the root cause of diabetes, because conventional medicine just isn’t working: diabetes and obesity affects more than one billion people worldwide.

What’s causing this diabetes epidemic?

North Americans tend to eat a diet that’s rich in calories but poor in nutrients. We’re overfed but undernourished. And that, along with genetic susceptibilities, can lead to diabetes, a condition that can cause strokes and even death.

The thing is, diabetes disorders and all of its complications—high blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol—are the result of something bigger that needs to be addressed first.

How does our naturopathic doctor treat diabetes differently?

When you’re eating well, when you have an active and fulfilling lifestyle, and when you’re minimizing your exposure to environmental toxins, you have a better chance of preventing diabetes and/or its complications.

To help give your body its best chances, we dig into how your body is resisting insulin and then treat that with the right supplements and dietary changes for you.

Help keep diabetes and all of its complications at bay with the Vernon diabetes treatments offered by Vero Health’s naturopathic doctor Shelby Entner. Call 778-475-4265 to make your appointment.

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