Men’s health

When your body is balanced, everything just gets better.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow, you tell her, you’ll go in. For that pain in your side, or all that time you’ve had to spend in the bathroom, or the way you just haven’t felt like smiling.

Instead of waiting until your condition becomes severe, visit the warm and knowledgeable naturopathic physicians at Vero Health so we can take a proactive approach to your health.

Our approach to helping you feel relief and get healthy is straight forward and effective: We listen to what you’re really saying, we give you answers for health problems that might be going undetected by your family doctor, and then we’ll give you a range of natural medicine options to get your body back on track.

What are some of the benefits of a naturopathic approach to men’s health?

  • A whole-body approach considers how the whole you is working to find out what’s really out of balance. We take the time to explore what’s happening in your lifestyle and your body to get to the root cause.
  • A tailor-made health plan suits your body and your needs, not your neighbour’s or your brother’s. This ensures your unique needs are being met so you can achieve optimal health for the long haul.
  • Natural medicine treatments are safe and effective. No side effects. No surgery. Naturopathic treatments—from nutrition and herbal medicine to massage and chelation therapy-work with your body’s natural abilities to promote long-term healing and health.
  • Experience endless benefits to other areas of your life—your relationships, happiness and performance—because once your body is in balance, everything just gets better.

What are some common naturopathic treatments for men’s health?

  • Chelation therapy — helpful for men who work in the oil field or near heavy metals.
  • Massage therapy — a relaxing way to help your body do its job.
  • Nutrition — guidance and support, because you have no idea how good you’ll feel once you’re putting good fuel in your body.
  • Lab services — to dig deeper and get to the root cause of your symptoms by ordering test that go beyond those ordered by your family doctor.

Ready to get back in the driver’s seat and feel like your old self again? The Vernon naturopathic physicians at Vero Health give you the answers and support you need to get your health back on track.

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