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Herbal medicine

Restore your health without the side effects. Think of a conversation you’ve had recently with someone about the drugs they’re taking for x, y, or z. How many side effects did they mention? One? Three? More? While modern medicine treats pain, sometimes aggressively and invasively, the herbal medicine offered at our Vernon naturopathic clinic gently […]

Men’s health

When your body is balanced, everything just gets better. Tomorrow. Tomorrow, you tell her, you’ll go in. For that pain in your side, or all that time you’ve had to spend in the bathroom, or the way you just haven’t felt like smiling. Instead of waiting until your condition becomes severe, visit the warm and […]


An ancient art healing modern ailments. You notice first the tingle in your toes, coursing past your knees, through your center, where a feeling of warmth and joy pools, springs of it stretching along your spine, shoulder blades, neck, and to the all the edges of your face. This is acupuncture: everything in your body […]

Clinical Nutrition

The right fuel for a better, healthier life. We’re all just trying to keep up with work and appointments and hobbies and everything our family needs this instant. It’s easy to choose food that’s fast. Unfortunately, fast food doesn’t give your body very good fuel. The Vernon nutrition counseling services offered by our naturopathic physicians […]

Crazy Busy Stress

How many times have you caught yourself answering the question “How are things?” with the answer “Busy, crazy busy!” It has become a common answer in our modern world. People are always rushing around, trying to squeeze everything on the to-do list into one day and feeling like there is never enough time to get […]

Food Allergies

Do you have unexplained ailments? You might have an allergy. Not everyone who has an allergy breaks out in hives or stops breathing after eating a strawberry. Many people are allergic to foods they eat every day, foods they crave. Our naturopathic doctors see hundreds of patients who have delayed hypersensitivity food allergies, where symptoms […]

Vero Health Naturopathic Care


Tired of Being Tired? Spring is here and the yard is beckoning, the kids are restless and you want to get outside and enjoy the end of winter. And yet you still feel like you just want to pull up the covers and hibernate until the next snow fall! Are you waking up tired and […]

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Love your liver!

Your liver is a powerhouse of activity. It’s the biggest internal organ in your body and has hundreds of functions. One key role is acting as the gatekeeper for your entire system, filtering all toxins and foreign substances from the bloodstream, breaking them down, and excreting them. Some of the toxic substances that your liver […]